A new Swiss Knife


Bonfire / Limestone


A knife is a knife

Malvaux produces knives. Model Number 1 has one single blade, made of hand polished stainless steel in a precisely milled shell. Malvaux Number 1 is a functionally designed cutting tool - and a piece of Swiss cultural heritage.


The new old icon

We love the classic Swiss Army knife. But it has two weak spots: Its ergonomics and the opening of the blade. Malvaux has tackled these issues by re-designing the knife from scratch. The result: A bent knife. The blade can be opened without the classic fingernail struggle and every cut is upmost precise. The knife sits perfectly in the hand. Tradition re-interpreted. A new icon, a proper strong ultra sharp pocket knife.


Every Malvaux is a hand-crafted masterpiece

Malvaux was founded in the homeland of Swiss precision mechanics, the jura region around the city of Biel Bienne. This is where our individual pieces are assembled by hand. In small batches, numbered and embossed. Produced sustainably with a blade that can be resharpened. A Malvaux is an eternal comrade. Swiss Made.


Quality and Precision

  1. 1

    Blade and screw system

    Blade made of stainless steel. Precision water-jet cut and smoothed in Switzerland. Refined and sharpened to the max by our friends in Solingen, the World's capital of sharp blades.

    The blade can, after many years of usage, easily be resharpened. Or if worst comes to worst, thanks to the Malvaux screw system, the blade can also be replaced.

  2. 2

    Core and Ergonomics

    Lever made of stainless steel. Precision water-jet cut and smoothed in Switzerland. The Malvaux lever is way more resistant than most people are familiar with from their ordinary pocket knives. Jura Libre!

    Blade and lever work perfectly together. Across the intermediate stop point the blade locks perfectly into its final position. The blade cannot be locked. Malvaux is made for peaceful use anywhere in the world.

  3. 3

    Shell and Weight

    Shell made of CNC milled, anodized aluminum. Very short description, very complex production.

    Malvaux Number 1 is heavy. With 88 grams it cannot be compared with its distant relatives that wear a plastic uniform.



Off to the Jura! Malvaux, an elevation near the quarries of Evilard is no man's land, a place of complete freedom and independence. Somewhere between desire and tristesse, this is where we come from. Our heritage is above the lake of Biel, where the fog runs through the wild forest. We are Malvaux and we produce the new Swiss knife. With raging passion.

Limited Second Edition of 250

CHF 249.00

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